Wolverine and the X-Men #4 (2012)

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Havok, Sunfire, Jan, Wanda… they stay. I see Rogue leaving. maybe Psylocke joining…

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I SINCERELY hope that Rogue migrates back to the X-Men, where she belongs >:(

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I think Havok, Wasp and Thor Odinson will remain, every one else… I don’t think so. Maybe Sam cause is written by RR. But the rest no idea

Strangely enough, I think the most likely to stay are Havok (because Marvel has put way too much effort in placing him as the leader of this team), Wanda (unless the redemption story is concluded in AXIS), and Rogue (because I doubt just AXIS will be enough to fix things between her and Wanda, and they need to fix it. Or it might be just wishful thinking). I think Remender mentioned Sunfire when talking about a bigger cooperation between the Unity team and the main Avengers, so he’s probably staying as well. Not so sure if I’d bet on Jan staying in this team, or joining the main Avengers; but, of course, if Havok stays, she’ll be around as well. Whatever happens that makes Thor unworthy of Mjolnir will probably mean he won’t be on the PR-team.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they won’t be in other teams at the same time. I think it’s likely Rogue will return to an X-Men book; she probably had to leave Wood’s series because her living status was uncertain, with the timeline issues inherent to Uncanny Avengers. And Wanda will certainly be in the main Avengers team around the time Avengers 2 hits the theaters; maybe Jan as well, if she shows up in that movie, or Ant-Man.

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I have no idea but I really don’t care because I’m absolutely loving this book and fully trust Remender to keep writing the awesome comics

That’s if Remender stays on the book, of course *evil grin*

Joking; he speaks like he’s staying, so it’s safe to assume that is the case.

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Remender said the lineup of Uncanny Avengers will change after AXIS:

We know Wolverine will be dead by then, Steve Rogers will no longer be Captain America, and Thor will be unworthy. Oh, and I’d be willing to bet Wonder Man is staying dead. 

So, what do you think the new team will be? Is Sam Wilson joining in Steve’s place (a safe bet, since Remender is writing All-New Cap)? Is Odinson sticking with the team, but now wielding Jarnbjorn, that has already caused so many problems in this book? New Thor? Whoever Wolverine’s substitute in the Marvel Universe will be, it’s probably not someone who would ever be invited to a PR-oriented team - so, new X-Men additions? Do you think Jan, Wanda, Rogue, Havok, and Sunfire, assuming they all survive AXIS, will all stay on the roster?

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Anonymous ASKED:
Tom, thanks for answering our questions and creating this forum to clear up rumors from time to time. AXIS is an extension of the story that began in Uncanny Avengers. Is it true that that title ends after AXIS?


No. We are taking a break during AXIS, as Rick is already going to be writing three issues of that Event series every month, and all of the principle UNCANNY AVENGERS characters are heavily involved in it. But we’ll be back again thereafter—and changed for the experience!

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Dude, Sunfire was a dick.


Dude, Sunfire was a dick.

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It’s just a well known fact that I…. kind of rock.

Ms. Marvel #15


It’s just a well known fact that I…. kind of rock.

Ms. Marvel #15

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entrochic ASKED:
gimme a scarlet witch pitch


i thought about this one in particular as i was heading out.

Wanda Maximoff has had a pretty fucked up life - which isn’t to say that other superheroes haven’t, but it seems whenever Wanda picks herself back up, something comes to kick the ground out from underneath her, and she has to rebuild all over again - often, seemingly, by herself. her personality often tends to have her introverted, even when stepping up to the plate and taking the lead on a team or a mission. she can often keep to herself, and, for good or ill, tries to work out things inside of herself on her own. a hero who dives inwards instead of outwards.

for Wanda, i would make a slower paced comic that is deeply focused on character and internal conflicts, with a few key themes: rebuilding the self and struggling against depression, what our families are and what they mean to us if anything, and what do you do as a middle aged superhero.

the basic premise is this: wanda acknowledges that she has a lot of weight on her shoulders, and a lot of things on her mind, some or even much of it toxic and draining, and, increasingly, doesn’t feel like she has any kind of rock or stable ground to rely on. and that if she doesn’t start rebuilding again, if she doesn’t start reaching out for someone to support her, the days where she feels like she can’t get out of bed, for lack of energy, or for a growing dislike of herself, are just going to get more common and more intense. and finding places in the Avengers, a group that is more and more on constant missions and having very little downtime, to let this stress out and unshield herself, is getting rarer.

so Wanda decides to build her own support group. a place where she can speak honestly about what’s troubling her, and working out all the fears or dislike swirling around in her stomach and mind, in an attempt to get stronger, to build back up, and, hopefully, not have the ground kicked out from underneath her again. a place for superheroes with problems that can’t be solved by punching, and where they can talk about it, talk about themselves.

the long-term arc is Wanda working through these doubts, anxieties, fears, hate, and even outright depression. bit by it, arc by arc, gathering that strength and support to be better again. like i said, this would be a slower paced, more character focused story. less push on plot and action, more on character development and dialog. fitting for Wanda, i think.

more details after the cut!

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